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Farrukhabad Pincode / Post Office Search (FARRUKHABAD, Uttar Pradesh)

Ahmadganj B.O 207502FarrukhabadUttar Pradesh
Akbarpur B.O 209721FarrukhabadUttar Pradesh
Aligarh S.O (Farrukhabad) 209621FarrukhabadUttar Pradesh
Amlaiya Ashanand B.O 209745FarrukhabadUttar Pradesh
Amratpur S.O 209622FarrukhabadUttar Pradesh
Arjunpur B.O 205302FarrukhabadUttar Pradesh
Ataipur B.O 207502FarrukhabadUttar Pradesh
Awajpur B.O 209625FarrukhabadUttar Pradesh
Babna B.O 207501FarrukhabadUttar Pradesh
Bara Biku B.O 207502FarrukhabadUttar Pradesh
Barai B.O 209745FarrukhabadUttar Pradesh
Barakeshav B.O 206451FarrukhabadUttar Pradesh
Baraun B.O 209625FarrukhabadUttar Pradesh
Barhpur B.O 209601FarrukhabadUttar Pradesh
Barjhala B.O 207502FarrukhabadUttar Pradesh
Barkhera B.O 207502FarrukhabadUttar Pradesh
Barkhiriya B.O 205302FarrukhabadUttar Pradesh
Bazaria Farrukhabad S.O 209625FarrukhabadUttar Pradesh
Bazaza Bazar S.O 209601FarrukhabadUttar Pradesh
Behta Ballu B.O 207502FarrukhabadUttar Pradesh
Bhainsiapur B.O 209724FarrukhabadUttar Pradesh
Bhatasa B.O 207502FarrukhabadUttar Pradesh
Bhojpur B.O 209749FarrukhabadUttar Pradesh
Bholeypur S.O 209601FarrukhabadUttar Pradesh
Bhopat Patti B.O 209602FarrukhabadUttar Pradesh
Bibiganj S.O (Farrukhabad) 209625FarrukhabadUttar Pradesh
Bihar B.O 205302FarrukhabadUttar Pradesh
Bilsari B.O 207505FarrukhabadUttar Pradesh
Central Jail S.O 209602FarrukhabadUttar Pradesh
Chapra B.O 209622FarrukhabadUttar Pradesh
Chilsara B.O 209745FarrukhabadUttar Pradesh
Chiyasar B.O 209724FarrukhabadUttar Pradesh
Civil Lines B.O 209601FarrukhabadUttar Pradesh
College Rd. Kaimganj B.O 207502FarrukhabadUttar Pradesh
Danmandi B.O 209739FarrukhabadUttar Pradesh
Daraura B.O 209739FarrukhabadUttar Pradesh
Dhirpur B.O 209743FarrukhabadUttar Pradesh
Distt. Jail S.O (Farrukhabad) 209601FarrukhabadUttar Pradesh
Farrukhabad R. S. S.O 209625FarrukhabadUttar Pradesh
Farrukhabad S.O 209625FarrukhabadUttar Pradesh
Fatehgarh H.O 209601FarrukhabadUttar Pradesh
Fatehgarh R.S. S.O 209601FarrukhabadUttar Pradesh
Gadanpur Deorajpur B.O 209724FarrukhabadUttar Pradesh
Gadanpur Turra B.O 209739FarrukhabadUttar Pradesh
Gaisinghpur B.O 209602FarrukhabadUttar Pradesh
Gandhi B.O 209621FarrukhabadUttar Pradesh
Ganga Darwaja Kmj. B.O 207502FarrukhabadUttar Pradesh
Gosarpur B.O 206451FarrukhabadUttar Pradesh
Gutasi B.O 209625FarrukhabadUttar Pradesh
Guthina B.O 205302FarrukhabadUttar Pradesh
Hariharpur B.O 209622FarrukhabadUttar Pradesh
Harsinghpur B.O 209622FarrukhabadUttar Pradesh
Harsinghpur Goa B.O 207504FarrukhabadUttar Pradesh
I.T.E. S.O 209625FarrukhabadUttar Pradesh
J.N.V.Road S.O 209601FarrukhabadUttar Pradesh
Jahanganj S.O 209739FarrukhabadUttar Pradesh
Jainpur Maheshpur B.O 209621FarrukhabadUttar Pradesh
Jaitpur B.O 209602FarrukhabadUttar Pradesh
Jarari B.O 209739FarrukhabadUttar Pradesh
Jhasi B.O 209739FarrukhabadUttar Pradesh
Jyonta B.O 209743FarrukhabadUttar Pradesh
K K W B.O 207502FarrukhabadUttar Pradesh
K. P. Ghat B.O 209625FarrukhabadUttar Pradesh
Kadhar B.O 209724FarrukhabadUttar Pradesh
Kaimganj S.O 207502FarrukhabadUttar Pradesh
Kamalganj S.O 209724FarrukhabadUttar Pradesh
Kampil S.O 207505FarrukhabadUttar Pradesh
Kanasi B.O 207501FarrukhabadUttar Pradesh
Kandhrapur B.O 209739FarrukhabadUttar Pradesh
Kanheypur B.O 209743FarrukhabadUttar Pradesh
Kanjhiana B.O 209602FarrukhabadUttar Pradesh
Kankapur B.O 209621FarrukhabadUttar Pradesh
Karanpur Dutt B.O 209622FarrukhabadUttar Pradesh
Katrauli Patti B.O 209724FarrukhabadUttar Pradesh
Khalwara B.O 207501FarrukhabadUttar Pradesh
Khandauli B.O 209621FarrukhabadUttar Pradesh
Khimseypur S.O 209743FarrukhabadUttar Pradesh
Khinmini B.O 207504FarrukhabadUttar Pradesh
Khudaganj B.O 209724FarrukhabadUttar Pradesh
Kila B.O 209625FarrukhabadUttar Pradesh
Kisrauli B.O 207503FarrukhabadUttar Pradesh
Kotwali Road Ftg. S.O 209601FarrukhabadUttar Pradesh
Kuiyan Khera B.O 207503FarrukhabadUttar Pradesh
Kumhraur B.O 209622FarrukhabadUttar Pradesh
Kurar B.O 207501FarrukhabadUttar Pradesh
Kutchery Fatehgarh S.O 209601FarrukhabadUttar Pradesh
Lahra B.O 207502FarrukhabadUttar Pradesh
Lakhanpur B.O 207502FarrukhabadUttar Pradesh
Lal Sarai S.O 209625FarrukhabadUttar Pradesh
Lindsayganj S.O 209625FarrukhabadUttar Pradesh
Madanpur B.O 209743FarrukhabadUttar Pradesh
Mahoi B.O 209743FarrukhabadUttar Pradesh
Manjhana S.O 207504FarrukhabadUttar Pradesh
Mathia Devi S.O 209625FarrukhabadUttar Pradesh
Mau Rashidabad B.O 207502FarrukhabadUttar Pradesh
Maudha B.O 206451FarrukhabadUttar Pradesh
Merapur B.O 205302FarrukhabadUttar Pradesh
Mistni Bahbalpur B.O 207505FarrukhabadUttar Pradesh
Mohamdabad S.O 206451FarrukhabadUttar Pradesh
Musakhiria B.O 209739FarrukhabadUttar Pradesh
Nadaura B.O 205302FarrukhabadUttar Pradesh
Nagla Bagh Rathaura B.O 205302FarrukhabadUttar Pradesh
Nagla Kel Champat B.O 205302FarrukhabadUttar Pradesh
Nagla Nan B.O 209745FarrukhabadUttar Pradesh
Narainamau B.O 207502FarrukhabadUttar Pradesh
Nawabganj S.O (Farrukhabad) 207501FarrukhabadUttar Pradesh
Nehru Road S.O (Farrukhabad) 209625FarrukhabadUttar Pradesh
Nibkarori S.O 205302FarrukhabadUttar Pradesh
Nitganja S.O 209625FarrukhabadUttar Pradesh
Pachpukhra B.O 209625FarrukhabadUttar Pradesh
Paithan B.O 207502FarrukhabadUttar Pradesh
Pakhna B.O 205302FarrukhabadUttar Pradesh
Panda Bagh S.O 209625FarrukhabadUttar Pradesh
Pilkhana B.O 207501FarrukhabadUttar Pradesh
Pipergaon B.O 209625FarrukhabadUttar Pradesh
Pitaura B.O 207502FarrukhabadUttar Pradesh
Pithnapur B.O 209622FarrukhabadUttar Pradesh
Puthari B.O 207501FarrukhabadUttar Pradesh
Raipur B.O 207502FarrukhabadUttar Pradesh
Rajendra Nagar B.O 205302FarrukhabadUttar Pradesh
Rajeypur Tappa Mandal B.O 209739FarrukhabadUttar Pradesh
Rajipur B.O 209724FarrukhabadUttar Pradesh
Rampur Majhgaon B.O 209724FarrukhabadUttar Pradesh
Rashidabad Tiwariyan B.O 207502FarrukhabadUttar Pradesh
Rasidpur Mai B.O 207504FarrukhabadUttar Pradesh
Raukari B.O 207505FarrukhabadUttar Pradesh
Rly. Road Kaimganj S.O 207502FarrukhabadUttar Pradesh
Rohila B.O 206451FarrukhabadUttar Pradesh
Roop Nagar B.O 205302FarrukhabadUttar Pradesh
Roshnabad S.O 209745FarrukhabadUttar Pradesh
RRC Fatehgarh S.O 209601FarrukhabadUttar Pradesh
Rudain B.O 207505FarrukhabadUttar Pradesh
Runi B.O 209602FarrukhabadUttar Pradesh
Rutaul B.O 207502FarrukhabadUttar Pradesh
Sabalpur B.O 209621FarrukhabadUttar Pradesh
Sahaspur B.O 209743FarrukhabadUttar Pradesh
Sakwai B.O 206451FarrukhabadUttar Pradesh
Sankisa B.O 205302FarrukhabadUttar Pradesh
Shamshabad S.O (Farrukhabad) 207503FarrukhabadUttar Pradesh
Shukrullapur B.O 207504FarrukhabadUttar Pradesh
Sikanderpur Khas B.O 207505FarrukhabadUttar Pradesh
Silsanda B.O 207502FarrukhabadUttar Pradesh
Singhirampur B.O 209724FarrukhabadUttar Pradesh
Sirauli B.O 206451FarrukhabadUttar Pradesh
Sirmaura Banger B.O 207501FarrukhabadUttar Pradesh
Sitauli B.O 209749FarrukhabadUttar Pradesh
Siwara Khas B.O 207505FarrukhabadUttar Pradesh
Tajpur B.O 206451FarrukhabadUttar Pradesh
Ugarpur B.O 207503FarrukhabadUttar Pradesh
Ugrapur Sultan Patti B.O 209743FarrukhabadUttar Pradesh
Ukhra B.O 207501FarrukhabadUttar Pradesh
Yaqutganj S.O 209749FarrukhabadUttar Pradesh

What is a Pincode?

Postal Index Number or PIN or Pincode is the numbering of the post office or post code system used by India Post. In India, the Pin-code is 6 digits long. First digit means region, second the sub-region, third the sorting district, and last three represent the post office code. India has a total of nine PIN zones.